The Dance Studio That Is More Than Just Providing Lyrical Dance Lessons

 Professional Dance InstructorIf you are planning to introduce your kids to the world of dancing, then you came to the right place. Dance Defined Studio is the prestigious dance studio in New Berlin, WI that offers a wide variety of dancing lessons to children. Aside from the usual lyrical dance lessons, we also teach hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dance that your kids will surely love. When you enroll your kids at our studio, you will get the double benefit of hiring our experienced teachers and using our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our teachers

We know how important it is for your child to learn from a professional dancer, and our dance studio prides itself on having a crew of professional dancers. Each dance lessons we offer has a corresponding teacher that has mastery in the specific dance genre they are teaching. Our teachers can make the most complicated dance lessons seem easy. For instance, hip-hop lessons usually have complicated steps. If you enroll your child in our hip hop classes, we will make learning easy for them by starting from the basics. We won’t pressure your kids in learning the steps right away because learning this dance genre really takes time. The teacher that handles jazz dance lessons also has this mindset. Aside from implementing our effective teaching methods, we also make sure that our dance class will turn into a fun-filled activity. 

Our facilities

Aside from the teachers, we also pride the facilities we have. Kids are able to use our facilities, especially those enrolled in contemporary dance lessons. We provide all the props and materials used in this genre. This will assure you that the child is able to memorize the steps once they are asked to perform individually. Plus, we have installed specialized flooring to ensure that students would find it easy to learn our tap dance lessons.The facilities we have will assure you that your kids will be certified dancers once they step out of our dance studio. 

Aside from traditional and modern dance, we also offer lyrical dance lessons. Dance Defined Studio is the reliable dance studio that you can trust. We serve clients residing in New Berlin, WI and the areas of . Whether it is hip-hop, contemporary or even ballet lessons, you can learn all these in our dance studio! To know more about the dance lessons we offer, give us a call at (414) 364-7427 now.


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